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1.Product Features

A. This product is composed of DC power system, especially designed for users in remote areas of the
country during power shortage, field work and camping trip. Also used for small DC electric power supply.

B. System main circuit adopts the high performance and high precision of 10 AD single chip processor as the
main controller and has a variety of functions.

C. This product has multiple DC output interface and can meet various needs. Output interface contains
4*12V DC output and 1*5V USB output.

2.Function Features

A. With single chip processor as the main controller, when the system is over charge and over discharge to
intelligent management. Overcharge and over discharge protection function can prolong battery efficiency.

B. Low power consumption standby function: 5 minutes later, if there is no detected output load, system will
automatically switch to low power standby mode.

C. USB output overload protection: when charging as for mobile phone, MP3 and digital camera,etc., if the
maximum output current is greater than 1000mA, USB output will shut down automatically.

D. Overload protection: when the lighting more than 3A,system is in the automatic protection, and output
automatically shut down.

E. Independent charge,discharge: when the product is in charge, it also be used for other products between
each other.

F. Powerful monitoring and prompt: in addition to over charge, over-current protection function, it also has the
input, output short circuit functions. When you encounter these situations, system will be in the form of a
bright red light to remind you until you remove the corresponding fault.

G. This system can use AC adapter to charge.

3.Trouble Shooting

1) Solar charging indicator does not light when there is sunshine .   
Check whether the connection is correct and contact is reliable.

2) DC output but not bright LED lights.     
Check whether the LED lights plug is loose.
Check DC voltage.
Check whether switch of LED is "NO".
Check whether the line connecting is correct.
If the entire things above are normal, and the light still can't be lighted, replace the LED bulb.

3) Even if you don't pick up any load, working indicator light will be red, green, flashing.      
The system is in the low voltage protection condition. Please charge to full immediately.

4)The system is fully charged in short time after long-term use, and powers the loads only for a short
Replace the battery for it is already damaged.

5)The indicator lights green with red flashing, and no DC output effects.     
Over loads, output recovers back after reducing loads used and triggering power switch twice.


A. Place the panels in the correct angle to the sun to avoid shadows.

B. If you are not a professional technician, please do not open the product housing. If you have any questions
or doubt, please contact a professional technician.

C. Please do not place the product around flammable material. It may cause fires and damage to your

D. Please make sure to fully charge the battery before using it for the first time.

E. Please do not throw this product into water.

F. Do not squeeze or beat the solar panels.

G. When the battery will not be used for a long time, it should be fully charged at least once a month.

H. Keep the panels clean in order to obtain better charging effect.

I. Please do not place this product sideways or upside down for a long time, especially when recharging this
product in order to avoid internal battery electrolyte leakage and damage to this product or other items.