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541 Evangelista St., corner G. Puyat (Raon) St.,
Quiapo, Manila (in front of Mang Inasal Rest.)
Tel. Nos. (02)734-1850, 734-1853, 5466206
Call or text Globe 0917-8445941, 0917-6042990
Smart 0928-5502856, 0998-9549778
Sun 0922-8742299, 0922-4016098
Fax Nos. (02) 734-1851
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2100V AC .74UF        400.00
250V 1.5UF RD        35.00
250V 1.5UF SQ        30.00
250V 100UF STARTING CAP.        400.00
250V 10UF SQ        100.00
250V 150UF STARTING CAP.        460.00
250V 16UF SQ        140.00
250V 16UF WIRE TYPE        150.00
250V 1UF RD        35.00
250V 1UF SQ        30.00
250V 2.2UF FAN CAPACITOR        35.00
250V 2.5UF RD        45.00
250V 2.5UF SQ        35.00
250V 200UF RUNNING CAP.        250.00
250V 250UF AC WATER PUMP CAPACITOR        185.00
250V 250UF STARTING CAP.        670.00
250V 2UF RD        45.00
250V 2UF SQ        25.00
250V 3.3UF NP        100.00
250V 3.3UF OV        35.00
250V 3.5UF RD        50.00
250V 3.5UF SQ        0.00
250V 3UF RD        50.00
250V 3UF SQ        35.00
250V 4.8UF RD        65.00
250V 400UF STARTING CAP.        260.00
250V 45UF STARTING CAP.        250.00
250V 4UF RD        50.00
250V 4UF SQ        45.00
250V 50UF STARTING CAP.        390.00
250V 5UF RD        65.00
250V 5UF SQ        50.00
250V 6UF RD        75.00
250V 6UF SQ        75.00
250V 8UF RD.        125.00
250V 8UF SQ        85.00
350V 1.2UF        35.00
350V 1.5UF AC        25.00
350V 10UF SQ.        170.00
350V 12UF SQ        200.00
350V 16UF SQ.        240.00
350V 1UF SQ        25.00
350V 2.5UF SQ        35.00
350V 2UF        25.00
350V 2UF AC        25.00
350V 4UF SQ        45.00
350V 5UF SQ        50.00
350V 8UF SQ.        300.00
370V 10UF        250.00
400V 1.2UF SQ        30.00
400V 1.5UF OV        0.00
400V 1.5UF RD        50.00
400V 1.5UF SQ        25.00
400V 1.7UF SQ.        25.00
400V 10UF ROUND        140.00
400V 10UF WM ROUND        125.00
400V 11UF AC        150.00
400V 12UF        150.00
400V 16UF ROUND        145.00
400V 18UF ROUND        150.00
400V 1UF OV        45.00
400V 1UF RD        45.00
400V 1UF SQ        35.00
400V 2.5UF OV        0.00
400V 2.5UF RD        60.00
400V 2.5UF SQ        35.00
400V 20UF        150.00
400V 25UF ROUND        160.00
400V 2UF OV        65.00
400V 2UF RD        50.00
400V 2UF SQ        30.00
400V 3.5UF OV        60.00
400V 3.5UF RD        155.00
400V 3.5UF SQ        85.00
400V 30UF        170.00
400V 3UF OV        80.00
400V 3UF RD        65.00
400V 3UF SQ        35.00
400V 4.8UF OV        0.00
400V 4.8UF SQ        75.00
400V 4UF OV        0.00
400V 4UF RD        90.00
400V 4UF SQ        60.00
400V 50UF ROUND        300.00
400V 5UF OV        75.00
400V 5UF RD        90.00
400V 5UF SQ        65.00
400V 6UF RD        140.00
400V 6UF SQ        85.00
400V 7UF ROUND        125.00
400V 8UF ROUND        140.00
400V 8UF SQ.        180.00
400V 9UF ROUND        140.00
440V 1.5UF AC CAPACITOR        45.00
440V 2UF SQUARE AC        35.00
440V 30+3UF        450.00
440V 3UF SQUARE AC        45.00
440V 5UF        75.00
450V 1.2UF SQ        25.00
450V 1.5UF SQ        30.00
450V 10UF RD        135.00
450V 10UF RUNNING CAP.        300.00
450V 11.5UF        135.00
450V 11UF AC        135.00
450V 11UF PLUG TYPE        175.00
450V 11UF WIRE TYPE        150.00
450V 12.5UF PLUG TYPE        175.00
450V 12.5UF RD. WIRE TYPE        200.00
450V 12UF        135.00
450V 12UF RD. WIRE TYPE        200.00
450V 12UF RUNNING CAP.        200.00
450V 12UF+4 W/M CAP.        200.00
450V 12UF+5        200.00
450V 13UF        145.00
450V 14UF RD.        150.00
450V 14UF RUNNING CAP.        200.00
450V 15+2 UF        300.00
450V 15+3  AIRCON CAP.        250.00
450V 15UF        150.00
450V 16UF RUNNING CAPACITOR        390.00
450V 16UF WIRE TYPE        160.00
450V 17+2 UF AIRCON CAP.        250.00
450V 18UF        150.00
450V 18UF PLUG TYPE        160.00
450V 18UF RUNNING CAP.        200.00
450V 1UF SQ        25.00
450V 2.2UF SQ.        25.00
450V 2.5UF SQ        50.00
450V 20UF AIR CON CAP.        200.00
450V 20UF RD. RUNNING CAP.        200.00
450V 20UF ROUND (WIRE TYPE)        200.00
450V 20UF WM CAP.        150.00
450V 25+2 UF        450.00
450v 25+3 mfd        330.00
450V 25UF        180.00
450V 25UF AIR CON CAP.        200.00
450V 25UF ROUND (WIRE TYPE)        200.00
450V 25UF RUNNING CAP.        200.00
450V 2UF SQ.        40.00
450V 3.5UF        45.00
450V 30+3UF AIRCON CAP.        250.00
450V 30+4 UF AIRCON CAP.        280.00
450V 30+7UF        450.00
450V 30UF GENERATOR CAPACITOR        380.00
450V 30UF ROUND        200.00
450V 35UF W/M CAPACITOR        200.00
450V 3UF W/M CAP.        200.00
450V 40UF AIRCON CAPACITOR        250.00
450V 40UF RUNNING CAP.        250.00
450V 4UF RD.        135.00
450V 50UF ROUND        300.00
450V 50UF+7 dual aircon capacitor        300.00
450V 5UF WM        100.00
450V 5UF SQ        65.00
450V 60+5 UF Starting cap.        800.00
450V 60UF W/M CAP.        220.00
450V 6UF        125.00
450V 7.4UF W/M CAP.        125.00
450V 7UF WM CAP.        125.00
450V 8UF RD.        130.00
450V 8UF RUNNING CAP.        200.00
450V 9UF W/M CAP.        145.00
DUAL CAPACITOR 450V 10,5UF        200.00
Available from Monday to
10:30am to 6:30pm

1. Call or text or fax your orders to: Tel. Nos. (02)734-1850, 734-1853, 5466-206
                                             Globe 0917-8445941, 0917-6042990
                                             Smart 0928-5502856, 0998-9549778
                                             Sun 0922-8742299, 0922-4016098
                                             Fax Nos. (02) 734-1851
Please include your Complete Name and exact address for us to be able to quote the exact freight)

2. You may also email your orders to

For faster reply, please email orders using excel file, (Qty, Part Number /Description)
Please include your Complete Name and exact address for us to be able to quote the exact freight).
Address should include House Number, Street Number, Barangay, City, Province
Include nearest landmark if hard to locate.

3. You may also message your orders to
Please include your Complete Name and exact address for us to be able to quote the exact freight)

4. I will call, text or email you back for a quotation including the total cost and freight to be paid.


If you find the price fair and acceptable, you may pay for the merchandise and freight using the following:

1. Bank deposit to:

1. BDO-Sales-Raon Branch

Acct. Name: Newport Electronics Trading

Savings Acct. No. : 00 467 004 678 3

Advantage: Open until 5:30pm, Mondays to Saturday

2. BPI - Quiapo Church Branch

Acct. Name: Newport Electronics Trading

Checking Acct. No. : 2273-0519-99

Advantage: No inter-branch bank charges on deposits made outside Metro Manila
Open until 4:30pm, Mondays to Fridays

3. Metrobank - Raon Branch

Acct. Name: Newport Electronics Trading

Savings Acct. No. : 219-3-21909119-3

Advantage:  Open until 4:30pm, Mondays to Fridays

4.  Chinabank - Sales-Raon Branch

Acct. Name : Newport Electronics Trading

Savings Acct. No. 313-010881-1
For other banks, please call, text or email the bank most convenient to you.

After payment, please inform me via text or email me the bank deposit slip. Please include your complete name,
address and cellphone number.

2. Mobile Phone Money Transfer

2.1 Smart Money
  Please send payment to 5299 6700 8269 9116 Jennifer Ong

2.2 G Cash
  Please send payment to 0917 844 5941 Jennifer Ong

Text me the Smart Money or G cash Text Confimation of Money Transfer.

3. Money Remittance via LBC, Palawan Pawnshop, M. Lhullier, Cebuana Lhullier, Western Union

Please send payment to:
Jennifer Ong
541 Evangelista Street, Quiapo, Manila
0917 844 5941;  0998 954 9778

After payment, text or email me the money control number, name of money sender.

Text or email me also your complete name, address and cellphone number. These information are required by
LBC and other courier delivery companies.


1. After verification of your payment has been made, your orders will be processed. For payments made before
3pm, we will send your orders to LBC on the same day.

2. We will text or email you the LBC tracking number after we send your orders to the LBC office. For other cargo
forwarders, we will text or email you the waybill number.

3. You may check the status of your LBC delivery via:

2.1 LBC Mobile App - can be dowloaded from Andoid App Store Google Play or Apple App Store Itunes

Touch and press Tracker button, enter your LBC tracking Number, and touch Go Button


Click on track and trace at the bottom of the home page and type your LBC tracking number.


1. For LBC, JRS or 2Go

For Serviceable Areas - Next Day delivery (Usually after lunch)
For Remote Areas - 2-3 days

2. For Deliveries Via Sea

7-14 days